BSB ToC A 2019

BSB ToC B 2019

D division - Chelmsford and Reading

C division - Chelmsford and Boston South End

B division - Framingham Blue and Reading Red

A division - Reading Red

A division - Framingham

Stephen Zerdelian, Stephan Michienzi, Bob Nutile, Rich Michienzi, Paula Michienzi

2019 BSB Scholarship Winner Brian Tosi

Home Run Kings - Another thrilling Home Run Derby with Matthew Stuart of Chelmsford emerging as the winner. Awesome job by all 12 boys who participated!

2019 Bay State Baseball Home Run Derby Participants - Coleman O'Neill - Medford, Clay Chase - Reading Red, Alex Tosi - Framingham, Matthew Stuart - Chelmsford, Edward Santana - South End, Will Norris - Andover Gold, Cortez Heyworth - Cambridge, Shaun MacPhee - Stoneham, Nick Genese - Reading Red, Jeremy Krendel - Framingham, Finn Ramseyer - Chelmsford, Jesse Feliz - South End

Special thanks from the BSB board of directors to #11 Declan Wilkes of Reading for catching the entire Home Run Derby. What a great young man; best of luck to you in the next step along your baseball journey.

Hot Dog Eating Contest Champion 2019 Jason Richardson-Miles from Framingham with BSB board member and C division commissioner Jason Smith